Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The God and his Conceptions

Who is God? He's been described as the whole thing from an impersonal life-force to a personal, benevolent, almighty the Creator. He has been called by numerous names, counting: "Zeus," "Jupiter”," "Ashur," "Brahma," "Allah," "Ra," "Odin”, "Izanagi," "Viracocha," "Ahura Mazda," and "the Great Spirit" to name just a handful. He's seen by a few as "Mother Nature" and by others as "Father God."

Conceptions of God differ broadly. Theologians and philosophers have studied limitless conceptions of God since the daylight of civilization. The Abrahamic conceptions of God contain the Trinitarian view of Christians, the Kabbalistic definition of Jewish mysticism, and the Islamic concept of God. The dharmic religions change in their view of the divine, ranging from the roughly polytheistic view of God in Hinduism to the roughly non-theist view of God in Buddhism. In current times, some more abstract concepts have been developed, for instance process theology and open theism. Conceptions of God held by individual believers differ so broadly that there is no clear consensus on the nature of God.


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