Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Animal Rights

It is possible to perform an immoral act against non-human animals. In order to perform an immoral act against a non-human animal, one must define the word "morality". According to the definition it means conformity to the rules of right conduct, on the other hand immorality means wickedness or evil. So in absorption a wicked or an evil act against an animal is an immoral act also. I believe that it may be possible to perform an immoral act against an animal because they are creatures just like us. They also feel pain and emotions just like us humans. When someone breaches our rights, we get hurt which often results in some kind of action. But the animals were helpless, it can't take any action because they are less intelligent then humans. However the humans are the supreme and superior beings on this planet and that we are on the highest evolutionary scale, but still that does not give us the right to perform wrong acts to the animals. Some of the worst or immoral acts that I strongly oppose to are animal experimentation, entertainment involving animals, hunting and finally habitat destruction.
When religious leaders were decided finally lifted these prohibitions, it was too late, vivisection was already entrenched in medical and educational institutions. Now imagine ourselves in animals’ shoes, whose homes are destroyed everyday by the minute. As an evil in nature as animal experimentation sounds, so is the entertainment business involving animals.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


What is destiny? For many people it is how they live their lives. We may believe that everyone’s life has its own destiny or course. By other words our destiny is out fate. It may be either a good thing or a bad thing and to most people it has already been decided by a Supreme Being or God. But for us that is just the pessimistic view on destiny. Others may believe that one can decide his or her own destiny. A person has to know how to control it and become a master of it. Personally you believe that one can control his or her own destiny. This means if you strive to do that yourself. That is If you just live your life expecting that everything will fall in your lap you are wrong.
Nothing in life is pre-destined for anybody as in the people you meet, the jobs you get or the person you marry. And also If that were to be true then everyone would be happy, that is if your destiny is for you to be happy. We may think that the notion of destiny is just an excuse that people use for the misfortunes or fortunes that they encounter. During the entire course of ones life you can began to make your own destiny.
We have to accept that Bill Gates was not destined to be the richest man in the world. The course which you select for your career and who you are in life is all on the person not a predetermined situates. The Evolution precedes under a law as unerring as any well-established scientific law, namely, that of karma or the law of cause and effect. Therefore these things are all up to us, we decide our own destiny or life would just be robotic with no real meaning to it. If the destiny played a part in their lives I would say that they were destined to live happily and rich because of their father, but instead their father to the initiative to make them work like he did and if they want to be rich like he is then they would have to work as hard as he did. No body in their life wants their parents to divorce but that is basically up to them whether they can get along or if nations can agree to peace over religion and differences. Destiny also may not affect the course of my family or my nation. The incidents like war and divorce are just misfortunes that happen when people do not get along. If that thing were true than life would be too easy and a person should just sit around and let destiny take its course.
Destiny may not control a part of your life. Whether that person applies himself and goes to school and then to college and eventually gets a career on his own is his prerogative. This may makes perfection possible, for knowledge is power, and when a person knows the law and works with it, he can produce any result he chooses; he becomes master of his destiny. He only gave them a miniscule portion. So don’t think that destiny has anything to do with the person that you fall in love with.